Remote work doesn't have to be lonely

What is this?
(In order for you to join in on the discussions, we need you to allow your browser to access your camera and microphone)

What is SOSPACE?

A coworking experiment

SOSPACE is an experimental virtual coworking space where you can join tables with fellow remote workers.

Tables are limited to 6 seated speakers and an unlimited amount of listeners. The first 6 people to join a table are are seated automatically, but you can leave your seat and just listen if you want. Similarly, if there is a seat available, any of the listeners can take it.(For the MVP, seat time is limited).

It's not meant for formal discussions with agendas, that's what Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are for.

SOSPACE is for people who work better when there are other people working around them too. It's low commitment, loose and fun.